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Where to Buy the Best, Inexpensive Sunglasses

Yesterday the sun came out for the first time in what felt like forever, which meant that, of course, I had to start summer shopping.

For so many years I didn’t wear sunglasses because I could never find a pair that suited my face but now I’ve found so many I love. When I buy sunglasses there’s only 2 things I care about: If they look good and if they’re cheap. I would never spend more than £50 on a pair of sunglasses and 3 out of the 4 featured in this blog post don’t even come close to that price.

Sunglasses are such a great way to accessorise (and of course, protect your eyes from the sun) so here are a few of my favourites.






Primark, £2.

These sunglasses are such a great dupe for the celine ones, primark doesn’t have a website so you will have to visit your local store the get these!





Primark, £2.

I loved the black ones so much, I got them in tortoise shell!




Primark, £3.

Last pair from Primark, I promise! These cat eye sunglasses look exactly like the Quay Australia ‘My Girl’ sunglasses (RRP £35).




Quay Australia ‘High Key’, £40

I had to include my High Keys in this blog post, just because I love them so much. These sunglasses were a collaboration with Desi Perkins and they are just the perfect aviator style. These definitely aren’t the most inexpensive pair of sunglasses, however, compared to some brands, these are very affordable.

I bought mine on Asos but couldn’t find them on the website but you can buy them here with free shipping! (I just ordered the blue) buy here


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